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* "They Understand Only Bullets"

In the name of ALLAH, the Most The Omnipotent, The Subdue...

((Here, We are publishing some real news about Somalia, where the Bloody Scoundrel Americans and Bastard Christians trying to crush the Muslim Ummah, the Ummah of ALLAH. This news will not air in any channels, and w'nt publish in any Secular Democratic papers. These are some realities from the field of war, where heaven are calling for martyrds.))

Somalia’ Mujahideen: "They Understand Only Bullets"
Publication time: 30 January 2007, 18:14
In an Iraqi style video postings, a Somali resistance group calling it self the "the peoples resistance" warned the occupiers of further bloodshed and war, and urged Somalians to unite, they have also welcomed an effort for a new government that is not influenced by any outside countries, they also warned the newly appointed Mogadishu administration to terminate their co-operation with the puppet government.
In another development in Jowhar, the security gangs of the warlord governor who handed control to a new administration instigated a wide spread looting of the government offices, the prime ministers office and also the house of the warlord Mohamed Dheere in Jowhar angry that he handed over the town after they recaptured it form the Islamic courts this month, the security gangs wish nothing to be left for the new administration when they "take office", most of the gangs of about 600 who make up the "security" of the town fled across the Ethiopian border 6 months ago when the Islamic courts overran the town in June 2006
In further development in Ethiopian the Somali president agreed to peace talks to form a new government after meeting with the EU and the Arab league during the African Union summit there, its well know that they privately threatened to withdraw their recognition of the government if the presidents did not agree to a new government involving the Islamic courts and the Islamic loyalist parliamentarians led by the speaker of parliament Shariif Hassan who are self exiled in Djeabuti.
Mario Raffaelli the Italian who is the EU official for Somalia is the main Architect for policy for Somalia, he is known to be an ally of the Islamic forces and developed a good relationship with them after a secret meeting with sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys in the small village of Gurriceel during the summer of 2006 after the courts were victories in routing most of the warlords in the country. The Egyptian led Arab league are also known to be in favour of the Islamic forces are they want a pro Arab group controlling the country.
Meanwhile in Kenya Sheikh Shariif was reported to be heading to Yemen for a meeting with the government and the foreign affairs minister of the Islamic courts Prof. Ibarahim Addow and other Islamic courts leadership who are currently residing there.
In an Audio tape released by some of the major Somali Islamic scholars currently in Madiina Saudi Arabia, declared any one who helped the Ethiopians in their aggression against the Muslims to be kaafirs "non Muslims" and should be fought the same, Sheikh Umar Farooq, one of the grand mufti for Somalia said that "Somalia is suffering from the worsted Tribulation ever to have been seen in its history, you have the Habasha (tigrey) in our capital and in our airports, he further said the puppet government and the Ethiopians were chasing the Muslims from the side and "Bush" was bombing them from the air, he revealed that he had been informed that only 17 of the fighters were killed in the bombings and many civilians "this has not happened before in our history" he urged the Somali and the Muslims to be patient as Allah gives victory to Muslims when they suffer from the worse case scenario.
Americans being killed and captured in Somalia
Publication time: 26 January 2007, 18:42
Several weeks ago Islamic affiliated website reported that the American troops where killed and captured once they landed in the Jubba region of Somalia following the air strikes by the Americans, the pentagon and the puppet government immediately rejected the Muslims claims.
But the claims has once again re-emerged this morning when one of the Arab league diplomats who was mediating between sheikh Shariif and the American ambassador in Nairobi spoke to the Al-sharq news paper from Qatar. Revealing in details the conversation in the meeting, he noted that the ambassador was demanding information on the missing troops claiming that the Islamic forces had taken them prisoners or some possibility might be that they had also fallen into the hands of tribal militia in the wooded regions
He also noted that the ambassador was asking sheikh Shariif to return to Somalia and end the insurgency promising him that a new government will be formed free from the warlords.
How ever further insurgency was under way through out the week, on Thursday heavy explosion caused by mortars was heard around the whole Madiina district of Mogadishu causing the people to flee, Islamic sources said they attacked a puppet police station after they heard that several mosque clerics where being held there, In Kismayo 2 Ethiopian troops were killed and several wounded when gun men armed with pistols started firing on them, the gunmen forth went on to take the klashnakovs from the dead soldiers and the wounded.
In another development in Mogadishu a new organization known as "the people's resistance movement in the land of the Immigration" claimed to have killed many of the puppet government spies who have flooded the city after the capture.
In Jeabuti Sheikh Abu Mansuur who was the second head of the security department in the Islamic courts sent an audio tape to Islamic affiliated websites urging the people to not except colonization by the Ethiopian and the Americans and to resist, he further said that the Somali people are tested this by Allah and they have to overcome the test.
Many Somali people blame the Islamic court's security department for the failure of the war accusing them of miscalculating the level of force that the Ethiopians and Americans were prepared to use once the war breaks out and also going to Hajj when the war was about to begin. The Ethiopian with American air and naval support sent almost 25,000 troops and 100s of tanks, artillery, vehicles and also compact jets and helicopters against the 5,000 lightly armed Islamic forces.
The people praised sheikh Shariif for deciding not to take the enemy inside the cities which would have been catastrophic for the civilian population who have experienced 16 years of savage violence.
More explosions at police stations
Publication time: 28 January 2007, 22:11
At 7pm Sunday evening the Yaqshid district police station in Mogadishu was attacked with grenades and gunfire as panicked residents took shelter from the fighting, earlier in the day in EX-control Balad area of Mogadishu gunmen ambushed a group of police men at a check point killing one of them, forcing the unit to evacuate from the area and leaving their dead behind, its not yet fully confirmed the number of the dead as witness also say that they saw one other soldier with his throat slit, Shabelle press took pictures from the scene.
In further west inside "Ethiopia" the Ogaden rebel movement leader sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Mahamed said that the entire Somali people need to unite to remove the rule of the tigrey regime in east Africa, the Oromo and the Ogaden make up around around 60% of Ethiopia which are both rebellious
Kenyan MP : «Sheikh Shariif did not surrender»
Publication time: 23 January 2007, 09:59
Reports yet not confirmed by the Islamic sources or the clan elders suggest that Sheikh Shariif head of executive Sharia Courts crossed the border into Kenya at 7am and was taken by helicopter to Kenyan capital Nairobi and at the moment under protection in a hotel.
Kenyan officials say the they where expecting sheikh Shariif to reach the border soon in a hope the make peace between the courts and the puppet "governments" since all the Ethiopian occupation troops in the country was preparing to pull out
Many of the Islamic Courts officials are in Kenya under protection from the security intelligence and government officials who are ethnic Somalis, this include the Islamic Courts scholar Sheikh Nuur Malin, Businessman Omar Adaani and the Islamic Court's head for reconciliation Sheikh Hassan Dheere.
Well known ethnic Somalis in the Kenyan government and business are know to be sympathetic to the Islamic force and arranged for many of the Muslims to come to Kenya.
Meanwhile a well known Kenyan MP Farah Ma'alim stated the Sheikh Shariif did not surrender but he was a guest of the Kenyan government. After intense effort to make contact with Sheikh Shariif by the Kenyan and the American, government officials say the Sheikh arrived on the border at 7am and was whisked away by a helicopter waiting for him.
Kenyans and Americans fear the conflict in Somalia could spill into the whole of the horn of Africa region which is a majority Muslim. The MP said that Americans are eager to make peace with Sheikh Shariif since most of the Ethiopian occupation troops have left Somalia and the rest are preparing to leave the country
Meanwhile so call "African peacekeepers troops" of about 5,000 are said to arrive in Mogadishu to protect the puppet "government" leaving most of the country with out any effective control.
Kenyan officials earlier said Sheikh Shariif was in a hotel under the protection of American and western officials but the American deny this, many government of Somali ethnic group are sympathetic to the Islamic Court and have good contacts with them, this led to making contacts with the Islamic leader to try to salvage any hopes of preventing the growing insurgency under way
Meanwhile in Mogadishu heavy fighting took place between puppet troops with Ethiopian occupation forces and Mogadishu residence in the animal market after a dawn raid by the occupation troops to snatch two well known men who they accuse of supporting the mujahiddeen, when neighbors heard of the presence of the troops people took their weapons from their houses and headed for confrontations that was taking place, 7 people are confirmed dead in the fighting.
In Dhusa Mareb further north of the country residence confirmed the entire occupation and puppet troops that was stationed in the city left by dawn after coming under fire in the previous nights
Some episodes about real situation in Somalia
Publication time: 26 January 2007, 20:07
Unknown gunmen have shot dead an Ethiopian soldier and wounded another at a shopping market in the port city of Kismayu, about 500 km (310 miles) south of the capital Mogadishu on Thursday.Farhan Lfole, Shabelle correspondent in Kismayu, reported that government and Ethiopian troops in the area cordoned off the market, tracking down the unidentified assailants.The attack that seemed a kind of a hit and run assault was the first one to take place in Kismayu since government and Ethiopian forces reached the port town late last month.He said a number of civilians were soon arrested from the area where the incident occurred.The ambush attack came as the Ethiopian troops began withdrawing from Somalia on Tuesday.
Ethiopian prime minister Males Zenawi said in a press conference in Addis Ababa that his troops in Somalia would not fully be withdrawn from war-torn country until the replacement African peacekeepers that are due to reach Somalia in two weeks arrive.The premier pointed out in earlier speeches about Somalia that nearly 500 Ethiopian military troops were killed in Somalia's war between the defunct Islamic Courts Union and the Ethiopian and government forces in the country.
Meanwhile unconfirmed reports indicate the Ethiopian and government troops have seized the former Islamist leader for Jubba provinces, southern Somalia. The "government" soldiers caught the mojahed near the Kenyan border. He is under Ethiopian and "government" custody in Kismayu.
Sources told Shabelle that he was wounded in the war between Islamists andthe Ethiopian and government troops.There have been mounting reports that number of American soldiers was missing in southern Somalia following the recent US air operations on the Islamist and al-Qaeda hideouts in southern jungles of the country, alsharqa, an Arabic newspaper based in Qatar reported on Friday.The paper also reported that Kenyan police have seized armed Asians crossing from Somalia into the Kenyan border.
The Kenyan police believe the foreigners were fighting alongside with Somalia's defeated Mojaheds.According to the paper, Arab diplomats, who have asked anonymity, confirmed that unspecified number of US foot soldiers was seized in southern Somalia where Muslims are believed to be hiding after their loss of the capital Mogadishu to the UN and internationally backed transitional government of Somalia and the Ethiopian troops in the country.Western diplomats, who have not been named, also affirmed that US soldiers were missing in southern Somalia, Alsharqa reported.It added that Michael Ranneberger, the US ambassador to Kenya, who met with Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, the defeated Islamist leader under the Kenyan custody, has asked Ahmed to explain where the missing Americans are lingering.
Ranneburger has reportedly made the efforts to convince Ahmed to go back to Somalia and take part in a unity government election, which he said, would be held in Somalia next year. He said Sharif could achieve a high government post in the upcoming government election.Meanwhile Kenyan police, who asked to remain anonymous, have confirmed to Alsharqa that they caught two foreign fighters armed AK47s between the Kenyan and Somalia border.The date of the capture was not specified, however.Kenyan security forces are stationed at the Kenyan border along with Somalia to clutch the escaping Islamists and al-Qaeda operatives given a safe heaven in Somalia by the Islamic Courts Union.US ambassador Ranneburger, who spoke to Shabelle on 20 January, said the Islamists were harboring al-Qaeda operatives who were exerting control of the Islamic Courts.Islamists always denied they had al-Qaeda operatives in their Islamic party while in control of the strife-torn country.According to Kenyan Times, Kenyan authorities have arrested five people, including a U.S. citizen and a French citizen suspected to be fighters for Somalia's outdone Islamist movement, on Friday.
The "government" administration in Mudug provincial town of Haradhere, central Somalia, has voiced concerns that the Somali pirates have begun massing at the town. The pirates were reportedly intending to launch hijacking the ships crossing Somalia coasts.Abdisalna Khalif, the "government management" for Mudug region, has told Shabelle by the phone that groups of heavily armed pirates have lately been gathering at Hardhere town, which was notorious for piracy in the past.Muslim ruling that were in control in the area for the past six months eradicated the pirating practice in the area before they were forcefully driven out by the Ethiopian and Somali government troops.Khalif rebuffed that residents in Haradhere were supportive of the pirates. "
The pirates inflict harm to the civilian population, so there is no way residents can back the pirates", he said.Somalia biggest pirate stronghold was Haradhere, a coastal town in central Somalia, where Islamists have flushed out all pirates in the area.
Khalif says the government should send troops to crush down the piratesAt least three people were killed and a number of other people were wounded in tribal clashes that took place in Qansahdhere, a district in Bai province, southern Somalia.The three, who died in the skirmishes, were farmers. Reports say the fighting was based on land ownership and occurred near a settlement dubbed Elafey in the district.Residents in Qansahdhere said the fighting could escalate, as there were no ongoing negotiations by the tribal and traditional leaders in the region.The Somali government national security minister, Abdullahi Mohammed Garun, is reportedly making efforts to travel to the settlement where the incident took place, leading a delegation represented by both tribes
KC: Fights in Somalia and Press-release of Islamic Courts
Publication time: 24 January 2007, 16:59
Mogadishu Airport came under attack when suspected mojaheds attacked the airport with at least two mortar rounds killing one person and injuring at least 5 people, the airport was full of people after an arrival of UN plane carrying German officials and the prime minister was expected to land at the airport this morning.
Meanwhile further south in the Jubba regions, a Pentagon official spoke to the Washington post today to confirm further air strike was carried out in the south of Somalia were there is a large presence of the Islamic fighters, puppet "government" did not confirm the strikes and said they would look into the reports.
For the first time in as many weeks the Islamic courts have issued a press release to Muslims affiliated websites. experts of the press release is translated in English:
"We would like to inform the Somali people that the entire heads of the Islamic courts are safe and well, today Somalia has suffered an aggression from three different places"
1. America with its intelligence, training, funding, helped the enemy to occupy our land, they also added with war from air, land and sea.
2. The enemy Ethiopian that was sent to conquer the land
3.Kenya who helped with sanctions on political, border activities and handing Ethiopian opposition prisoners to the Ethiopian enemy.
"We would like to tell the Somali people they are under foreign colonization and we in the Islamic courts and every individual is our duty to fight these modern occupation"
"We are announcing to the Somali people that we no longer recognize the puppet "government" who have brought Somalia historic enemy to our lands"
"We in the Islamic court are still fighting in the Jubba regions and the attacks that are taking place in Mogadishu"
"We will continue to fight with our wealth and soul until our land is free from enemy occupation and colonization".

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* Why Have We Chosen Jihad?

Why Have We Chosen Jihad?

All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Peace and Blessings of Allah to the Prophet Muhammad, his Companions, members of his family and all true Muslims till the Day of Judgment. And after this...

By the Mercy of Allah Jihad in Dagestan, as well as on all Northern Caucasus gains in strength. There is a number of objective factors and subjective factors which cannot be ignored. The tendency to the growth of Jihad has an offensive force.

First of them: war goes in conditions of growing mistrust of the population to authority of Tagut, that in many aspects bring no efforts of special services of kafirs. Authority of Tagut became very insolent, and it does not wish to see, from the windows of armoured limousines, people with it's troubles and caries. The precipice between people and power is filled with hatred and mistrust.

Corruption in Dagestan has reached a catastrophic level. Although a little significant post costs money and not small.

For example, employment in militia costs up to 5 thousand dollars, and certification of the officer of motor licensing and inspection department - 2 thousand.

At the same time other tendency accrues also. According to the kafirs from UFSB, across Dagestan per 2005 ordinary militiamen had been submitted 850 official reports on dismissal, because nobody wishes to be killed, protecting interests of a ruling clique.

Agrarian question, question of notorious housing and communal services as however, and "privatization" riches of Dagestan has left people in poverty, having deprived with the future. Treachery of national elites in relation to simple people which in exchange for authority and riches, provide loyalty to Moscow, generates numerous local conflicts (Kazbekovsky districct, Korkmaskala, Dokuzpara, Tabasaransky district, etc.).

Unique hope of the simple people there is an Islam and accordingly hope for implementation of Shariah ruling in the country.

One more factor - activization of so-called operative activity of special services which work not only on communications of the "established terrorists", but also on "recruiting base of insurgents", which as it has appeared, is rather extensive.

Thus the Dagestan militiamen declare, the citation: "struggle against extremists however its episodes were successful, this is battle with a hydra: you chop off one head, and on its place two grow new".

In translation into normal language it means, that kafirs work any more only with jama'at "Shariah", and have taken on the account of all Muslims, which for them are recruiting base.

That who yet has not understood, that exposing of an explosive materials and persecutions for a beard it not accident, and law in prosecution of Muslims, on itself it is necessary to test humiliations and a pain from kafirs in this life, and also to answer before Nakiir and Munkar in the future life.

Kafirs do not know, that on a place of one Shahid Allah, Subkhan Taalja, results ten new fighters.

Another characteristic not only for Dagestan, but also for all region is the style of behavior of the people, connected with the local traditions based on the Islam. For example, the person can not divide sights of jama'at, but if from him the relative from among mojaheds asks his help , most likely, he will give this help. He can hide such relative or help by money and products. Allah ordered to help Muslims each other, especially to relatives.

Today it is obvious to the increasing number of Muslims that to change a situation it is possible only by means of Jihad for the sake of Allah. To be called Muslims and to remain those at kafir's authority corrupting people, it is impossible.

Ideas of a peace appeal to Islam as the history of 19-20 centuries shows all have failed, as Muslims to these have departed from Jihad, having grasped for tails of cows from what warned the Prophet (s.a.s.).

On the contrary, owing to pseudo-theories and concepts of Muslims in ties, Ummah it was divided on ihwanii, tablighii, tahririi and other sects. They have not become successful in one country, which would give a real opportunity to live by laws of Allah.

All of them efforts whereas they have missed historical chance, now are directed on even to keep Islamic identity.

In Turkey they are at war for the right to carry a scarf. In Egypt they defend the right to sit in jahiliyyah parliament from which in their tens put in prison. In Libya they are knocked down by tyrant Kaddafi. In Syria they struggle for that their daughters did not carry jeans, and in Jordan they sit at bottom of a royal throne and listen how king Abdalla struggles with terrorism.

Here their real position! And all rest are conversations. They says, that most of all Muslims are in Indonesia, and kafirs in the meantime tear away the whole area, having turned them in a Catholicism. It not a merit of kafirs, but fault of Muslims.

And what has Ummah achieved for 15 years in Dagestan?! It is enough to leave on streets of our cities and villages and to look: whether this Islamic society naming with Muslims?!

In cities debauch and drunkenness by means of saunas, slot machines, restaurants and pubs, in villages general drunkenness, debauch and laziness from unemployment and poverty.

Inspirituality and lack of principles in society, in which for phone can deprive with a life. And the so-called clergy is borrowed by that struggles with attributes, instead of the reason of decomposition,
simulating the "Muslimanity".

Earlier in opinion of clergy in all guest performers were guilty Filya and Hrusha, and now -Moiseyev and Kirkorov. And that they are worse than all of them together taken, these hypocrites do not notice.

They has sold religion of Allah, has deformed Islamic belief, has buried Tauhid, has divided Ummah and has left Jihad. The clergy of Dagestan has turned in kafir's priests whom as prostitutes sit near to naked prostitutes in feasts of kafirs with vodka, congratulating those happy New Year.

As Imam Shamil warned: if you start up Russian kafirs on the ground of Dagestan your wives soon become mommies (prostitutes), and you become lackeys of Russian. So it also has occurred.

But by the Mercy of Allah, behavior of local hypocrites gives the proof from the return. Youth, and behind them and the others start to understand, that it is not same Islam, which was brought by the Prophet (s.a.s.). The youth starts to understand, that the situation can be changed only by real practice and by real actions to which learns us Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.).

If kafirs avert Muslims from Islam by so-called radical measures and it is necessary to be at war with them accordingly. Also has put here not only that the youth does not wish to be reconciled with poverty, and that any free person will not be reconciled with injustice and humiliation to which this authority of Tagut subjects people.

Especially, Muslim cannot be reconciled with kufr and bear humiliations with enemies of Allah. It is a heavy sin.

Freedom do not give, freedom take, and Paradise is on a shadow of the swords.

Victory or Paradise!

Allahu Akbar!

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* They Never Learn

They Never Learn

by Justin Raimondo

The series of blunders and willful miscalculations that led to our present predicament in Iraq are now being replicated in Somalia, where a rather large U.S. footprint is being stamped into the hard Somali soil. Well, it isn't a footprint, quite yet, but rather a series of bomb craters, where the lives of "many" civilians, according to news reports, have been summarily ended. U.S. bombing raids, ostensibly aimed at al-Qaeda fighters supposedly hidden among native Islamic militias, have succeeded in killing scores, albeit none of the three dudes we are allegedly after.

That's right: we're bombing a country because we're after a terrorist trio - Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind the 1998 attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, that killed 225 people, and accomplices Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan and Abu Talha al-Sudani. While the Pentagon refuses to confirm or deny whether any of these guys were killed in the attacks, you can bet we would have touted our success to the skies if they had gotten even one. On the other hand, at least 27 civilians were killed in Afmadow, a town in southern Somalia."My 4-year-old boy was killed in the strike," said Mohamed Mahmud Burale, who can hardly be expected to be grateful for his "liberation" at the hands of the U.S. and its Ethiopian allies.

Oh well, it's just another day in Washington's "war on terrorism."

If America is once again playing its role as world policeman, in this case we are clearly casting ourselves as the Keystone Kops. The Washington Post reports:

"The Bush administration has been leading an international diplomatic effort to stabilize Somalia, including organizing an African peacekeeping force. It has called on leaders of Somalia's new transitional government to negotiate a power-sharing arrangement with moderate members of the Islamic leadership who are not seen as terrorist facilitators and who are supported by a significant segment of Somali clans."

Unfortunately, however:

"The Americans have gone for the jugular. The danger is that the high loss of life reported and the likelihood that many non-al-Qaeda sympathisers have been killed, including more moderate leaders of the defeated Union of Islamic Courts, could see the operation backfire spectacularly and unite Somalis against its new US-supported government."

The Americans have gone for their own jugular, because this will come back to haunt them - indeed, the ghosts of the slain are already exacting their revenge in the form of a developing insurgency. Mogadishu is roiled by protests, and the premature celebration of a "victory" in Somalia - taken up by the neocon set as an exemplar of how to do it right - is being rapidly undermined by the intrusion of reality. Any day now, I expect President Bush to burble the equivalent of "mission accomplished!" Then I'll know we're up to our necks in another quagmire, this time in the Horn of Africa - the only region on earth that rivals the Middle East in the persistence and intensity of its continuous warfare.

It has the potential to become much worse than Iraq, however, albeit on a smaller scale. Because this time we're coming in on the heels of another foreign invader, Ethiopia, which is largely Christian (Coptic) and historically at odds with the Somalis: indeed, the Somali-Ethiopian relations are almost as bad as Ethiopia's longstanding loggerheads with neighboring Eritrea. If World War II saw Ethiopia as the first exemplar of Axis aggression, the archetypal victim of imperialist aggression, since that time it has taken on the role of local bully and would-be hegemon, battling either Somalia or Eritrea on seven occasions - to say nothing of its own long drawn out civil war (1974-91).

In Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's "President," we have a real winner, and I don't mean that in a good way. I put the scare quotes around his title because the Ethiopian electoral process is, shall we say, flawed - the first contest, boycotted by opposition parties, installed Zenawi in the office he had already occupied on an "interim" basis. The second time around, when he did face real opposition, Zenawi's party stole the election outright. Protests were stamped out with an iron heel, with Ethiopian troops firing on unarmed crowds: 193 were killed and many more wounded.

Now a full partner in Washington's "war on terrorism," Zenawi's Ethiopia has one of the darkest human rights records in Africa: just south of Darfur [.pdf] the Ethiopians are conducting a campaign of systematic ethnic cleansing against dissident ethnic groups, such as the Anuak. In the desperately poor and violence-ridden Gambella region, and elsewhere throughout the country, Zenawi is conducting a terrorist campaign against his own people - yet he is now hailed as a great "anti-terrorist" fighter, both by the warlords of Washington and those of Somalia.

The absurdity and criminality of our policy in the Horn of Africa is underscored by the ascension of Hussein Mohamed Aideed, the son of the hated warlord - and America's nemesis - Mohamed Farah Aideed, the villain of the "Black Hawk Down" narrative. When daddy died, sonny boy inherited the old warlord's mantle, which was suddenly transmuted into the white robes of a heroic pro-American ally. The only difference between father and son being that Aideed the Younger emigrated to America, grew up in southern California, and joined the Marines before he returned to become Interior Minister in the "transitional government" now being installed into semi-permanence by the U.S. and Ethiopia. He's our warlord, a reality that recalls Roosevelt's infamous remark about Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza.

U.S. intervention is limited, as far as we know, to air strikes, but, as I pointed out not so long ago, the presence of American "boots on the ground" is only a matter of time, and probably not much time at that. Certainly we are positioned to directly intervene, what with the U.S. military base of operations in nearby Djibouti. As to whether we'll be seeing a "surge" against the developing Somali insurgency around this time next year - or sooner - is more than a matter of pure speculation.

Now is the time to cut through the rhetorical subterfuge engaged in by this administration, and its Democratic enablers, and ask ourselves if this is what we really want. This time, we have the option to reject a course that is every day being proven wrong, and destructive to American interests: as to whether we will have the courage and the presence of mind to make the right decision, I have my doubts.

They never learn, and that's why our foreign policy is a recurring nightmare. Unless the American people wake up in time, we are bound to repeat in East Africa the same mistakes we made in the Middle East, with similarly deadly consequences.

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* East Turkistan: China’s Forgotten Muslims

East Turkistan: China’s Forgotten Muslims
By Azizuddin El-Kaissouni

Publication time: 10 January 2007, 16:45

Amnesty International recently issued an extensive report on the policies of the Chinese government towards the Uighur minority in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR). The 24-page document details the various legislative provisions recently introduced into Chinese law with a view to curbing "terrorist, separatist and illegal religious activities." Loosely translated, China is attempting to create domestic legal sanctions for the post-September 11th crackdown on Muslims and Islam in XUAR.
By no means is a Chinese crackdown on organized religion unique; China has a long-standing antagonism towards religion, as evidenced by the highly publicized crack down on the Falun Gong sect a few years back, and the ongoing persecution of the Tibetans. However, unlike Falun Gong, Uighurs are not exceptionally popular in the West, and unlike the Buddhists of Tibet, have no charismatic leader in exile or celebrity converts in Hollywood to rally to their cause.

The report, however, is a poignant reminder of a persecuted Muslim community that has been ignored far too long.

A note on names: Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is the name given to Eastern Turkistan by the Chinese government, and is the cause of much resentment; Xinjiang is Chinese for "New Dominion," or "New Frontier," a legacy of their former Manchu rulers, who invaded Eastern Turkistan in 1759 and incorporated it into China. The reference, understandably, does not go down well with Uighur nationalists.

One feels the need to stress that, while this article focuses on Eastern Turkistan and the Uighur population thereof, this is in no way meant to denigrate or disregard the suffering of countless other Muslims at the hands of the Chinese government.

The Uighurs are not the only Muslims in China; the Hui Muslims are also a recognized minority of several millions, and minorities of Tajiks, Kyrgyz, and Kazakhs are to be found in Xinjiang. Two percent of China's population is Muslim; a deceptively small statistic until one realizes the reference is to a country with a population of 1.2 billion, leading to a total of 24 million. The Uighurs, however, are distinct for various reasons.

Ethnically, the Uighurs are a Turkic people, their language being part of the larger Altaic family. Since their adoption of Islam in the 10th century, during the reign of the Karakhanid kings, the Uighurs used Arabic script until the Chinese forced them to adopt a new Latin-based alphabet. Eventually, the Uighurs were allowed, in one of the Chinese government's parsimonious concessions to their "national" minorities, to return to their Arabic script in 1983.

Historically, the Uighurs have a rich and distinct history, a fact official Chinese propaganda has long sought to bury. The Manchu rule of Eastern Turkistan was violently opposed by the Uighurs until they were successfully expelled in 1862. Independence was short-lived, however, with the Manchu reoccupying the land in 1876, and annexing it proper in 1884. Resistance to Chinese rule continued, regardless of whether the rulers were the Imperial Manchu dynasty or the Kuomintang nationalist government, culminating in the establishment of two republics in the 20th century, one of which was crushed with the assistance of Soviet troops in 1934. The second and more important state was the Eastern Turkistan Republic (ETR) established on November 12th, 1944. Coming under intense pressure from both the Kuomintang and the Communists, the leaders of the ETR accepted an invitation to Beijing for negotiations. Their plane never arrived at Beijing. It was announced months later that it had crashed en route in the Soviet Union. In October of 1949, People's Liberation Army (PLA) troops marched into the Eastern Turkistan Republic, effectively ending the ETR.

Though lasting only five years before coming under the occupation of Mao Zedong's PLA troops, the creation of the Republic was an epic moment for the Uighurs, the memory of which is cherished and marked by Uighur nationalists to this day.

Mao's Cultural Revolution was a period of terrible suffering for the Uighurs. Religion was identified as a "bourgeois" conception and therefore bore the brunt of the Red Army's wrath. A Human Rights Watch report, "Xinjiang, China's Restive Northwest" tells of how the Uighurs were forced to breed pigs, and mosques were shut down and occasionally used as pork warehouses, to add terrible insult to devastating injury.

Fast-forward a few decades. An aggressive population transfer policy has seen the rapid growth of the Han community in XUAR, from an original 6% in 1949 to 40% in 1978, and has effectively made the Uighurs second-class citizens in their country, discriminated against in both employment and education.

Animosity is rife between the Uighurs and the Hans; one reporter relates asking a group of Han children gathered near a statue of Chinese revolutionary Wang Zhen why he was considered a hero. The answer: "Because he killed many Uighurs." Such a response from a ten year old is perhaps somewhat indicative of the feelings of the Han colonialists toward the indigenous Uighurs.

Tensions are also exacerbated by the fact that Han enterprises exercise a monopoly on most of the area's scarce resources. All this, coupled with the obvious hatred and disdain the Chinese feel towards the Uighurs and their religion, mean that it comes as no surprise that some Uighurs have concluded that armed resistance is the only option available.

Violent opposition to Chinese rule in East Turkistan is sporadic; occasional bombings or shootings take place and are met with a terrible fury. Every so often, reports are issued about the arrest, trial and execution of "terrorists" or "ethnic splittists" as the Chinese insist on calling them. Even peaceful protests are met with excessive force.

On one notable occasion in 1997, the town of Ghulja was brought to a halt by large-scale Uighur demonstrations in Ramadan; in response, the Chinese government sealed off the town, imposed a press black-out, and proceeded to viciously quell the protests. The official count suggested 10 deaths and 198 injured, and 500 arrests, according to Human Rights Watch. Uighur sources insist the numbers were many times higher. A similar situation occurred in the town of Baren, where an alleged armed insurgency was quelled with military forces, reportedly leaving dozens, if not hundreds dead.

The Human Rights Watch report is also particularly illuminating. The report describes the various forms of repression and persecution suffered by the Muslims of Eastern Turkistan under Chinese rule.

It is particularly painful to hear of the draconian measures utilized by the Chinese to stamp out any manifestations of religious sentiment among the Uighurs in the aftermath of September 11. Examples of this are plentiful in Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the U.S. Department of State's reports. These include but are not limited to nighttime patrols of student dormitories to ensure no prayers are taking place, the banning of fasting during Ramadan, outlawing of Qur'an study meetings and religious schools, the curbing of mosque building, the identification and surveillance of religious leaders, and the banning of history books that do not conform to the "accepted" version of history. There is also the ominous-sounding "political education" that Imams are subjected to. One is led to understand this consists of extensive indoctrination to, as it was put, provide them with "a clearer understanding of the Party's ethnic and religious policies."

Eastern Turkistan is also home to the Lop Nur desert, the Chinese nuclear test grounds in the south of XUAR. China was, relatively speaking, one of the most aggressive states in terms of nuclear weapons acquisition policy, testing its first hydrogen bomb 32 months after its first fission bomb test. The fallout from these tests has resulted in the wide-scale contamination of water sources and land, in turn resulting in a disproportionately large number of cancer cases, congenital birth defects, and various other related diseases among the Uighur population.

All the above, combined with China's notoriously repressive birth control policies (including but not limited to forced abortions), would seem to suggest to the observer that Eastern Turkistan is one of the worst places in the world to be a Muslim right now. In the context of the ongoing global war on Islam, that says something.

It is of little surprise that China, like so many other countries, has chosen to take advantage of September 11th to further its own political agenda and silence - ruthlessly so- internal dissent. All recent human rights reports point to a drastic escalation of persecution and repression against the Uighur minority. UN High Commissioner Mary Robinson expressed her concern over the treatment of the Uighurs in a November visit to China. The Chinese government, predictably, responded that "terrorism," that ephemeral and much-abused term, is an infringement of human rights and is a threat to international peace and security. Case closed.

The question that inevitably comes to mind upon reading of such terrible persecution is: What can we do about it? Islamically, we are obliged to keep track of conditions of Muslim communities around the globe, particularly when said communities are the target of state-sponsored terror and persecution, numerous as they have become. However, our abilities and efficacy vary substantially depending, sadly enough, on location.

Here in the Arab world, our role is substantially limited by a government blatantly antagonistic to the concept of pan-Islamism or even just plain old concern for fellow Muslims, going so far as to arrest and try people who collect money for Chechnya or similar causes. It also virtually impossible to seek to influence government policy in any sense, due to the autocratic nature of the regimes.

Muslims in most places in the West, on the other hand, have more flexibility with regards to issues of this type. The minimum we can set out to do is seek to be aware of the situation in East Turkistan. Those who can should attempt to raise others' awareness of the situation by any means possible, whether by a simple talk, or by trying to get something published in a local or campus paper. In this regard, The Uyghur Human Rights Coalition has compiled a small, yet comprehensive list on how one can contribute to the support of the Uighurs. While the list is tailored for a Western audience, a number of the suggestions can be undertaken by Muslims anywhere.

In that regard, I would urge readers to explore and bookmark the links in this article, as a gateway to information on the plight of the Uighurs in China.

To conclude, one need not point out that we as Muslims are having our identity systematically erased. One minor way to counter this purposeful erasure is to ensure a consistent and dedicated effort to maintain and cultivate links to and an awareness of the larger community of Muslims around us.

We can longer afford to disregard Islam outside our borders. Where possible, we must aggressively lobby the media and the government to bring these issues to the forefront of domestic and international attention, not so much for the benefit of the Western audience, but rather for the benefit of the uninformed amongst us Muslims. And while it is only natural that the question of Palestine will be more central to many of us, we cannot allow it to completely overshadow the suffering of Muslims elsewhere, who have for years suffered in silence.

* Taliban ruled by Shariah: Mullah Dadullah

Mullah Dadullah: “Taliban Ruled By Shariah”

The correspondent of Turkish newspaper "Vakit", Adem Ozcose, has met with one leader of Islamic Emarah of Afghanistan Mullah Dadullah.

Carrying out a direct management of armed forces of Talibs, Mullah Dadullah has got in the list of the main enemies of the USA.

Mullah Dadullah is the second person in Islamic Emarah of Afghanistan, after Mullah Omar, he supervises over operations against invaders.

The Afghani leader has confirmed, that vicinities of Kabul are practically cleared of forces of NATO. Dadullah has declared: For last year our impacts have considerably amplified. Not paying attention to propagation of the USA, people has supported us. The victory is very close.

Comment of "Vakit": During last months Talibs conduct more and more effective operations against forces of NATO. The most successful operations are carried out in the south of the country, in provinces Helmand, Ghazni, Paktiya, Nemruz.

However we did not have an opportunity to contact people living there. Soldiers of NATO do not pass in this region any representatives of press, trying to not admit outflow of the truthful information.

Wishing to give to our readers of data on a true state of affairs, we have gone there, for performance of this risky problem. With assistance of local residents, we have got into area of the most fierce fights and have got to the mojaheds, connected with Taliban.

Later 15 days after our arrival, we have met with Mullo Dadullah in its headquarters. To him have been asked questions on the most different, the most actual, themes, including about Osama bin Laden.

We expected to see, according to our representations, the severe commander, but Mullah Dadullah has appeared extremely the soft and witty person. We bring to your attention his answers to our questions.

What is your own imagination about Turkey?

In the past Turkey was one of the Islamic centers of the world. During Osman Hilafah it has been released from unbelievers many grounds. In the Osman state was a lot of great alims, rendered significant influence on minds of Muslims.

For this reason since the childhood the respect for Turkish people was inspired us. However, present position of Turkey causes in us a regret. If there was time it is the ground which originated mojaheds and great scientists, now from its territory the American planes fly up attacking to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kafirs all over the world were afraid Osmans, but now, Turkish authorities neglecting interests of Muslims, having shut eyes to violation of their honor, on assignment of their property, build friendship from the USA.

We wish Turkish people to recollect the nice past, to finish in the present policy and to support Jihad in Afghanistan.

What is now a situation in Afghanistan and in the ranks of Talibs?

First of all it is necessary to note, that many settlements in the south of Afghanistan pass under the control of Taliban. A month ago we have opened front in the north of the country. Northern tribes which have adjoined the Taliban have started to strike blows on forces of invaders.

We spend effective operations to last days against forces of NATO in vicinities of Kabul. During last large operation nearby Helmend we have caused the big loss to English armies.

English soldiers, in one village nearby Helmend have been compelled to surrender in captivity to Taliban. As to Americans, only for last week 4 attacks by shahids against them have been carried out.

By Allah's Mercy , for last year our attacks and our force have considerably amplified. We hope, that the victory is close also Afghani people prepares for liberation.

During last years Taliban showed weak resistance to foreign invaders. Even the USA expected more effective counteraction from the side of Taliban after invasion into Afghanistan, but it has not occurred. How it has turned out, that for last year you have considerably amplified?

To that there are some reasons. Between forces of USA and Taliban there is a big inequality. For example, they possess powerful aircraft, and we are not. Therefore, we have decided to achieve successes in the war for the beginning. We had significant losses at defense of Kabul against the American aircraft, we have refused the further defense of cities and, that, it have compelled Americans to go down on the ground.

On the ground we began to spend every year more and more successful fighting operations against invaders. Other reason consists in false propagation of the USA which falsity was realized by Afghani people during last years.

Having entered into Afghanistan, Americans began to speak much about dissociation of Afghani people by means of broadcasts, they brought to a focus to it. This propagation has considerably strengthened positions of Americans, the skilful manipulation of public consciousness has played a role of shield for American soldiers. However, Afghani people during the expired years has comprehended falsity of the American propagation.

Mojaheds, not possessing powerful information resources, battling to invaders, explained to people falsity of their propagation, in practice proving, that aggressors are not invincible.

Our people, even more often, began to see a real picture of things and has cheered up. Afghans were convinced, that is not so difficult to damage to invaders and to beat them. For this reason our attacks amplify every day.

In the Western press it was informed that Taliban collects forces that in March to begin storm of Kabul. Are such messages truthful?

When we shall storm Kabul, circumstances of war will show. However, the spring-and-summer period is the most important for us and we already now are going considerably to strengthen and increase scale of operations against invaders.

Let Americans and all other aggressors who have intruded our country, wait more, more worst days.

Just as Afghani people has expelled from the country of Russian kafirs in the past, so it will expel also present invaders.

Does al-Kaida participate in fights on the side of Taliban? Whether do you carry out operations against the soldier of NATO together with al-Kaida?

Between Taliban and al-Kaida there are no disagreements and problems. We are together battled against invaders, we operate together with their commanders.

The NATO forces Turkish soldiers to leave Kabul and to be at war against Taliban. What will occur if it will manage to be reached the desirable result?

I wish to ask Turkish people: if armies of the USA have intruded in Turkey, and under their order, together with them the Afghani soldiers would meet smiles of these Afghani the soldier would enter into the country?

It is assured, that is not.

Says, that coming to power of the movement Taliban has been caused by support from USA and Pakistan. Was there actually such support?

It is the great slander erected on Taliban. USA, Pakistan never rendered any help to us. It is enemy propagation against Taliban. They can prove nothing these statements. Taliban is helped only by Allah, Afghani people and faithful brothers Muslims from abroad; anybody is more.

Are there at you any communications with authorities of Pakistan today?

The president of Pakistan Musharraf is devoted friend of Bush. USA, in war against Taliban, have received the greatest support from Musharraf. Regime of Musharraf detained mojaheds, supplied USA by dates, helping them to strike on Taliban.

The military aircraft of USA long time used the Pakistan air stations to bomb Afghanistan.

We hope, that Pakistan people will destroy criminal regime of Musharraf, which is our enemy and the enemy of all Muslims.

When Taliban was at authority in Afghanistan, it criticized for violent planting of religious forms of board in Afghanistan. Having come to authority again, will you continue such policy?

It is lie. We did not make any violence over people. Allah Supreme has enjoined to be guided to all Muslims by instructions of the Qur'an and Sunna. We ruled by Shariah.

Now the mass-media hide successes of Taliban in war against invaders. Western and unfortunately some Muslim information resources succeed in erection of slander on Taliban, including concerning its stay at authority.

By Allah's Mercy, Taliban again begins original clearing of Afghanistan, and again will restore Shariah ruling.

Unless you did not have mistakes? Unless Taliban did not suppose any miscalculations?

Taliban ruled in Afghanistan according to Shariah. From the point of view of instructions of Islam we do not have mistakes. Everything, that Allah has resolved, everything is lawful, that He has forbidden is illegal.

We did not deviate from this principle. We have accepted Qur'an, Sunna and fetwas of ours scholars.

Now Afghani people with impatience expects restoration of board of Taliban. Because, Taliban ruled by Shariah. At that time in Afghanistan there was an Islamic state.

Was there a mistake a destruction of the statues of Buddha?

By no means. Having destroyed statues of Buddha, we have executed instruction of Sunna of our Prophet (sas). Prophet Muhammad (sas), having entered into Mecca, has first of all destroyed idols of pagans.

Do you meet with Osama bin Laden?

Of course.

There are messages, that he is hardly sick. Is this a truth?

Alhamdu liLlah, sheikh Osama feels well. Messages on his death or illness it is a propaganda trick of cowardly kafirs. Every day sheikh Osama asks his Lord about His protection. However, if enemies of Islam can kill him, Jihad on it will not stop, for Islamic land will generate thousands of bin Ladens.

America demanded from you Osama's delivery, you have refused to execute this requirement. As a result of thousand Afghans have been deprived a life. Whether as your way it was better to give out one person to avoid destruction of many thousand, was there your decision erroneous?

In no event. Despite of destruction of thousands Afghans even if USA will not leave a stone on a stone in our country, all of us equally we shall not give out Osama bin Laden, or any other Muslim.

For us, foreign mojaheds being in Afghanistan, are similar to Meccan muhajiruun, arrived in Medina in disposal of oppression of pagans. We, being Afghani ansars, shall always hold opened for them doors of our houses.

Taliban vows spring offensive - abu muQatil

The Taliban will step up attacks on foreign occupation troops in Afghanistan this year and kill anyone who negotiates with the occupants and puppet karzai administration, a senior Taliban commander has said.

Taliban Mujahiddeen staged a surprise comeback last year with the bloodiest violence since US-led occupation troops forced them from power in 2001.

Mullah Dadullah, a Taliban commander, said that there would be more attacks on Nato and US occupation forces this year.

Dadullah told Reuters by satellite telephone:

"Guerrilla attacks on Nato, American and occupation forces will continue and increase this year. The Taliban will inflict heavy casualties on them."

Dadullah said the Taliban had used a winter lull in fighting to draw up new war plans to inflict maximum damage on occupation forces. Afghan fighting traditionally falls off during the winter when snow blocks mountain passes.

Dadullah said:

"They will soon come to know about the Taliban's strength and war strategy. We will attack with such a force they will have no time to settle."

The commander ruled out any negotiations while foreign occupation troops were in the country and threatened dire consequences for anyone who held talks.

"Those who negotiate in the name of the Taliban will be killed," he said.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

* Commander Fahd bin Farraj Al Jweir Al Farraj

The will of Commander Fahd bin Farraj Al-Jweir Al-Farraj,
one of the commanders of the Al-Qaeda organization in the Arabian Peninsula.

Fahd Al-Farraj in training in the Arabian Peninsula / The Battar Camp.

Drive the polytheists out of the Arabian Peninsula

Fahd Al Farraj: "I want to clarify and to reiterate the goals we wish to accomplish, with Allah's help, and to respond to some doubts about the mujahideen, raised by the scholars of evil, who level such accusations against them. First of all, the goal of our jihad is to elevate the word of Allah, to drive the polytheists out of the peninsula of Muhammad, to apply his law in all aspects of life and on all people, and to remove injustice from our oppressed brothers everywhere."

"To all the Muslim peoples wherever they may be, I say: How long will you remain silent? How long will you accept this humiliation and degradation? How long will you continue to be ruled by the law of the tyrants, yet remain silent? Where is your Islam? Where is your worship of Allah? Islam is not a religion in name only - it is a religion of faith and action. The Crusaders, the Hindus, the Zoroastrians, and their apostate helpers rule and control you and your brothers. They are fighting against your religion, and are fighting you in your livelihood. They are violating your honor, yet you remain silent. Have your humiliation and degradation brought you that low? Would you agree to become apostates, Jews, or Christians? Would you agree to abandon the religion of Islam?"

"I ask every Muslim on the face of the earth: Would you agree that one of these infidels enter your home, and violate the honor of your sister, your mother, or your daughter? Of course you would not. The women in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Indonesia, Kashmir, and the Philippines are our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters. I am amazed how you can continue to sleep undisturbed, while your brothers are being killed, and the honor of your sisters is being violated. Awaken from your slumber, and support your oppressed brothers. Fight for the sake of Allah, and you will receive one of the two good things: victory or martyrdom."
"To the security forces, I say: I am amazed at you. When you are told to wage jihad, you cling to this world. But when [Saudi Interior Minister Prince] Naif Bin Abd Al-'Aziz tells you to sell your souls to his government and to fight for his sake, and to defend the Americans, in exchange for 3,000 riyals and hell - you are willing to sell your souls cheaply. Have you stooped so low? Are your souls worthless for you? He calls you 'martyrs of duty,' but think what you will say to Allah if you meet him, after having killed a mujaheed who fought for the sake of Allah, in order to defend the Americans, or if he killed you when you were defending the tyrants. Stop working for the tyrant, and join the mujahideen, otherwise - you know full well who the mujahideen are, and what they have prepared for those who stand in their way."

"To the Saudi government, I say: All I say to you is what the Prophet Muhammad said to the infidels of Qureysh, when he was alone: 'I have brought slaughter upon you.' By Allah, your kingdom will come to an end. The mujahideen will defeat you. Do you know why? Because Allah supports us, and no one supports you. Do you know why? Because Allah said in the Koran: 'If you support Allah, He will support you,' and we trust and believe in the promise of Allah. If you only knew what our young men have in store for you, you would be busy arranging your escape from this peninsula."
"To the Americans, I say: Get out of the peninsula of Muhammad, and all the lands of the Muslims, and stop supporting the Jews in Palestine and the Christians in the lands of the Muslims. Otherwise, you will encounter only death, destruction, and explosions."

Saturday, January 6, 2007

* We are in Makkan stage

Refuting the argument, “We are in the Makkan stage”

((This article is about an argument from Islamic Organizations. I would like to briefly look at the argument of many of the Muslims who say, “We are in the Makkan stage because of this-and-this, and therefore, we cannot do Jihad.” -abu muQatil))
Now since these Muslims say, “We are in the Makkan Stage,” let’s see why they say it:
1. Because there is no Khilafah nor Khalifah today2. Islam is not dominant but is being dominated3. We are being massacred all over the world
Mainly because of these reasons, it is then similar – in the minds of these Muslims that argue this - to the “stage” that the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) was going through in Makkah because these were the same exact conditions that are occurring now. Therefore, the solution to the Ummah – that they are satisfied with – is Tazkiyyah (purification), since this was what our Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) was doing for thirteen years.
Like I said, I’m going to be brief, so we’ll stop here and start pulling apart this dodgy ‘Aqeeda.
First and foremost, whoever doesn’t believe that Islam isn’t complete, then he is a Kafir since Allah confirmed:
This day have I perfected your Deen for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Deen. (al-Ma’idah: 3)

So to even suggest that Allah didn’t complete this Deen or that He didn’t leave a solution behind for the Ummah today, then he is in denial of this ayah, and obviously he is an individual that doesn’t read the Qur’an regularly enough to know the solution. And to be in denial of the ayaat of Allah that are Qatee’ (clear) is clear Kufr.

Secondly, since we cleared that up, now we ask the question: ‘Was Islam complete in the Makkan Stage?’
The answer is no and that many of the prohibitions such as alcohol, zina, mut’a, and riba were only prohibited after the establishment of Islam. Since that was the case, does that mean we are allowed to do these acts of prohibition until after the establishment of Islam? Absolutely not. Why? Because the prohibitions will stand as prohibitions until the Day of Judgment. And whosoever denies that the prohibitions do not last till the Day of Judgment, then he has denied the ayaat of Allah ‘Azza wa Jall which only takes him outside of the fold of al-Islam.

Similarly, the obligations in Islam stand till the Day of Judgment. For example, fasting in the month of Ramadan, the Adhaan, Iqaamah, Zakaat and so on and so forth, were made mandatory till the Day of Judgment. And whosoever denies this, then he is denying the ayaat of Allah which takes him outside the fold of Islam.

However, all of these commands only came after the establishment of the Islamic State. Therefore, does that mean we are allowed to dismiss these obligations just because we are in the “Makkan Stage”?
Obviously, the answer to all of this is a big No. Why? Because it is understood by even the global consensus of the Muslims that whatever Allah and His Messenger says, it goes. Allah says,

And that you should judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their low desires, and be cautious of them, lest they seduce you from part of what Allah has revealed to you; but if they turn back, then know that Allah desires to afflict them on account of some of their faults; and most surely many of the people are transgressors. (al-Ma’idah: 49)

There are many ayaat in al-Qur’an that are similar to this but said in different ways to make the message clear to everyone: ‘If you don’t take what Allah and His Messenger gives you, and instead you choose your own whims and desires and logic and “hikmah” over what Allah and His Messenger has clearly commanded, then you are rebelling against Allah and His Messenger.’

Alhamdullilah, this should be crystal clear at this point for everyone. Keep in mind, we are talking from a general point of view of ‘Aqeeda, and nothing specific (like the famine during ‘Umar’s time). If anyone rejects the general view and calls themselves Muslim, they are in fact Murtad and to be fought against the way Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (radiyallahu ‘anhu) fought against the Murtadeen; even though they say Laa Ilaaha Illallah and prayed five times a day.

Now let’s get into the meat of this debate.
Since fasting in the month of Ramadan was made mandatory through revelation,
كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ ٱلصِّيَامُ…Fasting is prescribed for you… (al-Baqarah: 183)

That means fasting in this Noble Month is an obligation till the Day of Judgment. There is no disagreement on this. You will not find people saying, “No Akhee, we are in the Makkan Stage and the ayaat on fasting in Ramadan were not revealed yet, therefore, you do not have to fast in this month until after the establishment of Islam.”

Now look at the Arabic carefully of that ayah. Study it carefully and perhaps, if you want, take out a Tafseer and read the explanation of this ayah on fasting. It is clear that fasting is mandatory from that point on till the Day of Judgment. So I ask you, O Muwaahid, to compare that ayah with this ayah:

كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ ٱلْقِتَالُFighting is prescribed for you… (al-Baqarah: 216)

Look at the Arabic of this ayah and you’ll notice that it is exactly the same with the command on fasting. In other words, after this ayah was revealed, Qitaal fe Sabeelillah had been ordained on all the Muslims till the Day of Judgment exactly the way fasting is prescribed for all Muslims till that Day. If you want, you can even pull out a Tafseer and read the explanation of this ayah and you will see that Jihad fe Sabeelillah is ordained till the Day of Judgment.

So how can one say, “We are in the Makkan stage, therefore no Jihad, but we can still fast in Ramadan,” when this is apparently picking and choosing the ayaat of Allah with ones evil desires? Is this not clear my dear Muwaahid?
Regarding the series of revelation for Jihad fe Sabeelillah, in the very beginning, Allah commanded the Muslims to “tie their hands” and to not fight back; this was in Makkah. Then Allah later revealed in Surah al-Hajj that Jihad was permissible against the ones who fight you. Then Allah sealed the command and revealed,

Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not. (al-Baqarah: 216)

Therefore, just these arguments alone can destroy the dodgy ‘Aqeeda of the Murji’ah (liberals) that we are in the “Makkan stage” and since the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) didn’t do Jihad, therefore we cannot do Jihad. If anyone says this, then he has to reject – without compromise – all the commands we have mentioned beforehand such as fasting, zakaat, salaat, and so on since these commands were revealed in the “Madinan Stage.”

A brother once told me – and I’m sure many have heard this feeble excuse before – that, “Akhee, don’t talk about Hijrah and Jihad to these people since these people are not ready for it yet! We are in the Makkan Stage, and had the ayaat on Jihad been revealed in the Makkan stage, the Muslims would not be able to accept it!”

This is from the greatest of invented lies to hinder people from the path of Allah ‘Azza wa Jall and to only give them a mentality of defeatism. Who is going to tell the people the truth about the affairs of today? If I am the only person in my community that will do it, then I am obligated to speak on these vital affairs. If the people are not ready for Hijrah and Jihad, then we force them to get ready because sooner or later, the Kafireen of this land will force them to make Hijrah and Jihad fe Sabeelillah – in my opinion, they are already doing this with their war on Allah ‘Azza wa Jall. Are these people not at war with what Allah has revealed (Jihad, Hijaab, Niqaab etc.)?!

This argument is too pathetic to even refute since it is a statement that is branching off of Nifaaq (hypocrisy). And we only say Nifaaq because the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) said,
“Whosoever dies without participating in a Ghazu (battle, i.e., Jihad fe Sabeelillah), nor has the intention to do so, then he dies on a branch of Nifaaq.” (Sahih Muslim; narrated by Abu Hurayrah)

And verily an individual that dies in this wretched state has not died in the state of Islam, and therefore getting to Paradise will be impossible. Allah has already told us that the Munafiqeen will be in the worst depths of the Hellfire.

Also, to keep in mind for historical records, look at the incident of at-Tartar when they destroyed the Islamic State and killed the Khalifah. The Muslim Ummah was without a Khilafah and Khalifah for three years! Did they say, “Since we don’t have a Khilafah nor Khalifah, we are back in the Makkan Stage, and therefore no Jihad”?! No, to the contrary, they made Jihad fe Sabeelillah against at-Tartar and defeated them by the will of Allah ‘Azza wa Jall. Then they established the Khilafah and Khalifah. The Shaykh ul-Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah), called this group that made Jihad as “At-Taa’ifah al-Mansoora” or “The Victorious Group” which the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) had prophesied its presence in each and every age until the Day of Judgment:
Jabir Bin Samrah reported that Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) said: “This Religion (i.e. Islam) will never cease to exist, and a group of people (Usba) from amongst the Muslims will continue to fight for its protection until the Hour is established.” (Sahih Muslim)

Therefore Jihad will continue in every age whether there is a Khalifah or not.